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872481-B21 HPE 1.8TB 10000RPM SFF 512e SAS-12Gbps Smart Carrier Enterprise 3.5-inch Hard Drive for ProLiant Gen9 Gen10

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Condition: New

Mfr Part#: 872481-B21

UPC: 190017217130

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Device Type: Hard Drive - Hot-Swap

Capacity: 1.8 TB

Form Factor: 2.5 inch SFF

Interface: SAS 12Gbps

Bytes per Sector: 512

Drive Technology (Fill): Air

Plug Type: Hot Plug

Format Type: 512e

Carrier Type: Smart Carrier (SC)

Workload: Enterprise

Features: Dual Port, Advanced Format 512e, Digitally Signed Firmware

Bundled with: HPE SmartDrive Carrier


Transfer Rate Synchronous (Max): 12Gb/sec

Rotational Speed: 10000 RPM Full Stroke

Seek Time: 8.48 ms Avg

Seek Time: 3.97 ms Single Track

Seek Time: 0.20 ms

OD Media Rate, Max Sequential Throughput (MiB/s): 230

128Kib Random Rd (IOPs): 165

128Kib Random 70% RD/ 30% WT (IOPs): 170

128Kib Random 50% RD/ 50% WT (IOPs): 185

Expansion & Connectivity

Interfaces: 1 x SAS 12Gb/s

Compatible Bay: 2.5" SFF

Power Consumption

Idle Time: 2.6 Watt

Random R/W: 3.6 Watt

Sequential Read: 4.4 Watt

Sequential Write: 3.9 Watt


Height: 0.62 inch (15.6 mm)

Width: 2.98 inch (75.7 mm)

Depth: 4.67 inch (118.7 mm)

Environmental Parameters


Operating Temperature: 50° F (10°C) Max

Operating Temperature: 95° F (35°C)

Compatibility Information

Designed for HPE ProLiant BL Series: BL460c Gen10 (2.5 inch), BL460c Gen9 (2.5 inch), BL460c Gen9 Base (2.5 inch), BL460c Gen9 Entry (2.5 inch), BL460c Gen9 Performance (2.5 inch) Servers HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL20 Gen9 Solution (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 High Performance (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 Low (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), DL360 Gen10 Solution (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 High Performance (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), DL380 Gen10 Solution (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 High-Performance (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), DL385 Gen10 Solution (2.5 inch), DL388 Gen9 (2.5 inch), DL388 Gen9 Base (2.5 inch), DL560 Gen10 (2.5 inch), DL560 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), DL560 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), DL560 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), DL580 Gen10 (2.5 inch), DL580 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), DL580 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), DL580 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch) Servers HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 Gen10 (2.5 inch), ML110 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), ML110 Gen10 Solution (2.5 inch), ML30 Gen9 Entry (2.5 inch), ML30 Gen9 Solution (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Base (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Entry (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Performance (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Solution (2.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Sub-Entry (2.5 inch) Servers HPE ProLiant XL Series: XL170r Gen10 (2.5 inch), XL230k Gen10 Compute Tray (2.5 inch), XL450 Gen10 (2.5 inch) Servers HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Base Compute Module (2.5 inch), 480 Gen10 Entry Compute Module (2.5 inch), 480 Gen10 Performance Compute Module (2.5 inch), 480 Gen10 Premium Backplane Compute Module (2.5 inch), 480 Gen10 Standard BackPlane Compute Module (2.5 inch), 480 Gen10 w/o Drives Compute Module (2.5 inch), 660 Gen10 Base Compute Module (2.5 inch), 660 Gen10 Compute Module (2.5 inch), 660 Gen10 Entry Compute Module (2.5 inch), 660 Gen10 Performance Compute Module (2.5 inch), 660 Gen10 Premium Compute Module (2.5 inch) Servers

Mfr Part#: 872481-B21
Brand Name HP
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Weight 3 LBS
Condition New

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